Nut and Screw welding

MYSPOT® welds screws and nuts without causing spatter or spark. Both Horizontal and Vertical gun can weld nuts however, only vertical gun can weld screws.

Just place a workpiece on the copper table and select the size of the studs. Because the workpiece remains stable while it is being welded, it is easy to aim the welding point.

>If you seek for much cleaner welding result of screws and nuts, please refer to the page “High Speed Spot Welding Technology”.


Welding parameter setting is usually done either by referring to the manual or relying on the decisions of skilled workers. With this method, especially referring to the manual takes time and might cause mistakes.

“Easy Setting” is a smart preprogrammed computer which automatically selects the optimum welding parameters by just entering “Material” and “Thickness”on the touch screen.

EasySetting enables even a new worker who has just joined the company to play a useful role like a skilled worker.

Easy settingの動画へのリンク
Easy setting

Less finishing work

Because of the flat table electrode, dents and protrusions on the decorative surfaces are minimized and thus finishing work such as grinder finishing is greatly reduced.

Furthermore, finishing work prodcuces dust in the air and that affects the working environment.

If you seek for much cleaner welding result, please refer to the page “High-Speed Spot Welding Technology”.

>High-Speed Spot Welding Technology


Anti-Oxidation System

The removal of burn mark on stainless steel fabrications using brush-on pastes or gels is cumbersome! Here, Anti-Oxidation System gives you oxidation-free spot weld results for the welded side of stainless steel.

Table Electrode

Easy to operate

Because the workpiece remains stable on the table electrode while it is being welded, a single operator is able to weld large and cumbersome workpieces which previously required two or more people to weld.

Avoid shunt current

The table height is adjusted precisely to avoid shunt current.

Keep the right angle to the copper table

After dressing the tip, it is necessary to adjust the table height to keep the right angle.

Fixed tip dresser(Option)

Keeping the electrode dressed is important! About 50% of weak welds are caused by lack of tip dressing. MYSPOT®‘s fixed tip dresser(Option) is easy to perform tip dressing any time and make it a routine.

Atfer dressing the tip, you can see the result by the small mirror attached to the tip dresser.