Our philosophy


Koyo giken was founded in 1976 as a group of mechanical design professionals in Japan. We have provided the highest quality, design and manufacture of the table spot welder, MYSPOT® and related machines. We have sold nearly 2000 units in both Japan and 25 countries.

We have been concentrating on the following important aspects for resistant spot welding;
1. Safety (Everyone can weld easily)
2. Secure (Strong and beautiful weld result)
3. Cost reduction(Raise productivity, Cut expense)
4. Environmental friendliness(Clean air, no spark. Cut energy consumption)

In 2012, we introduced “High Speed Welding Technology”. We believe that this is a revolutionary innovative technology that livens up the production site of the sheet metal industry in the world.
The thick coated materials such as AL, QS, ZAM, EZN etc, are gradually acceptable to weld by High Speed Welding Technology. We hope you enjoy this wonderful technology and machine with us.

Mitoshi Kai  President